Full digital encryption WiFi conference controller

The CR-WiFi6401 encrypted conference host adopts WPA/WPA2 wireless security technology to ensure the privacy of the conference. A full range of units compatible with wired conference systems. It supports the connection method of hand-in-hand and circular hand-in-hand. Its dual machine hot backup, delegates voice recording, voice transcription and other functional features provide attendees with a faster, more convenient and secure operating experience. It supports both wireless and wired conferences simultaneously.


● Adopting WPA/WPA2 wireless security technology to ensure conference privacy and avoid eavesdropping and malicious interference;

● The system can open up to 8 microphones at the same time, with wireless support for up to 6 microphones at the same time, and 31+1 wired simultaneous interpretation;

● Wireless wired uncompressed audio transmission, 48K sampling rate, bandwidth of 20Hz~20Kz, perfect sound quality;

● Equipped with circular hand-in-hand function;

● Compatible with IEC 60914 and GBT 15381-94;

● Super Category 5 shielded wire, 100M network full digital audio and control signal transmission, long-distance transmission without affecting sound quality;

● Built in high-performance CPU, integrating translation, discussion, attendance, voting, and electronic nameplate, providing high-speed voting, voting, and information transmission, supporting up to 4000 conference units;

● 32bit high-speed DSP floating-point processing, supporting 2-channel audio acoustic feedback suppression, noise cancellation, and digital equalization processing;

● Support PC software management, TCP/IP control, and provide reliable security management control;

● Supports multiple camera control protocols such as VISCA, PELCO-D, SAMSUNG, and CREATOR. It can be used in conjunction with the CREATOR matrix or central control to achieve automatic camera tracking. It can also be used in conjunction with high-definition automatic camera tracking hosts and high-definition infrared automatic cameras to achieve wired unit preset position tracking. WiFi conference units support mobile tracking;

● PC software unifies the management of units and intelligent fault analysis, capable of analyzing conference unit types, quantities, distributions, faults, etc;

● Support the simultaneous use of wired and wireless units;

● Equipped with two different audio input interfaces, Phoenix Head and Cannon Head, supporting balanced input and unbalanced input, supporting 3 audio mixing inputs and 1 remote video conference input;

● Equipped with two different audio output interfaces, Phoenix Head and Cannon Head, supporting balanced and unbalanced output, conference unit partitioning, and 4-channel speaker partitioning output, which can effectively improve microphone gain without howling. Any output interface can be configured to connect to the remote video conferencing system;

● It can independently adjust the line input, remote video conference input, 5-way audio output interface, conference unit volume size, adjustment range mute, -40dB to 0dB.