Full digital access point

CR-WF30A wireless access point is a router for wireless network.The wireless access point is used for communication connection between the wireless conference unit and network control controller, providing convenient, flexible and reliable conference environment based on wireless network.


● Enterprise-level wireless AP, signal strength of every connected WiFi discussion unit can be checked

● Support 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-frequency concurrency, with higher transmission rate and larger capacity;

● Wi-Fi signal transmission using WPA/WPA2 digital encryption technology to ensure the privacy of the meeting and avoid eavesdropping and malicious interference;

● Built-in 2 MIMO3x3 wireless modules, multiple devices are connected at the same time, the network is still smooth;

● Support 16 independent SSIDs, 8 2.4G and 5G frequency bands can be set respectively;

● Support Chinese SSID, different SSID can realize AP internal isolation to ensure data privacy and security;

● The power is linearly adjustable. Adjusting the transmit power in the AP signal overlap area can effectively reduce the interference between APs and improve the wireless quality;

● Automatically select channels to avoid co-channel interference and ensure wireless stability;

● The signal coverage area can reach a circular area with a radius of about 50 meters when the open space is weakly interfered;

● Support WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac protocol;

● Dual Gigabit Ethernet port design, of which the WAN/POE port supports 802.3af/at standard PoE network cable power supply, which is easy to construct.