Full digital access point

CR-WF30A wireless access point is a router for wireless network.The wireless access point is used for communication connection between the wireless conference unit and network control controller, providing convenient, flexible and reliable conference environment based on wireless network.


● WiFi signal transmission using WPA/WPA2 digital encryption technology ensures the conference confidentiality and avoids eavesdropping and malicious interference.

● With a RJ45 interface, itcan be connected to the CR-WiFi6301 controller or switch interface. Connecting cable recommended the use of high quality CAT5 crosss cable.

● With a 4 road 3.5mm interface, can be connected to the CR-WiFi6301 controller, providing 1 balanced audio and control signal input.

● In the open area, in the case of weak interference, the circular signal coverage area can reach a radius of 30 meters and the general coverage area can reach a radius of 25 meters.

● According to IEEE802.1 1n WIFI network standard.

● The three antenna design makes the data transmission more stable.
●Many selections in 5GHz frequency range.