Full digital encryption WiFi conference discussion

The CR-WiFi6302/04K wireless conference unit adopts special design to ensure the machine is stable and durable. It is easy to integrate with any meeting room.

The built-in antenna design; each unit is built-in with high performance battery, providing continuous speech as long as 10 hours; 12 hours of standby time; all functions of conference unit can be completed with the unit panel buttons; WiFi encryption transmission technique ensures that the speech is free from unauthorized interception.


● WiFi transmission technology and strictly digital protection ensure the privacy of the meeting, to avoid malicious eavesdropping and jamming.

● The non compressed audio transmission technology, the sampling rate of 48K, 30H2-20KHZ bandwidth perfect sound.

● Using low delay technique, the output minimum delay from microphone to speaker is less than 5ms.

● Support for PC software microphone control.

● Removable battery design, the battery capacity supports 10 hours of continuous speech or 12 hours of static standby.

● Work with the CREATOR HD camera tracking controller and HD infrared automatic camera to support mobile camera tracking.

● The chairman has priority control.

● Support a variety of conference modes like FIFO, APPLY, NORMAL.

● Support 2.0-inch full-color LCD touch screen, support Chinese/English display, and can check WiFi signal strength, battery status and other information.

● Support clock or LOGO display, support LOGO replacement, support speech timing, countdown or no timing.

● Support the sign, voting and rating function.

● Support SSID setting, RFID setting and factory reset function.