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2015-01-05 16:06:23

Happy New Year from all CREATOR people and wish all of you a healthy and prosperous 2015!

We can hear people talking about digital conference and HD conference here and there in the past 2014. We can make a conclusion that our meeting is advancing to a new epoch-----digitalization.

In the past 2014, CREATOR has supplied digital conference products for many industries include government, broadcast, corporate, high school, hotel, and so on. We appreciate for the trust from our clients and also their compliment with our solutions, products and service.

In this new case study, we will see an overall solution about digital conference together with intelligent control and signal management system. This solution is aimed at promoting work quality and efficiency as well as cost control for our clients. Now it’s turning to be a big success.

Product list:
Conference system products:

Conference controller CR-M4101
Flush mount speech delegate unit CR-DIG5202C1-S /04C1-S
Connection box CR-DIG52032BOX

Control system products:
Network programmable controller CR-PGMIII
8 inch touch screen CR-WiFi WG7pip
15 inch true color touch screen CR-LAN15

Signal management products:
Modular matrix switcher CROSS-MAX1616
AV matrix switcher Pt-AV1616
VGA matrix switcher Pt-VGA1616