Full digital tabletop discussion unit

The CR-DIG5202/04E1 is a tabletop discussion & voting unit of fully digital conference system.
The CR-DIG5202/04E2 is a tabletop discussion & voting unit for all-digital conference system. It integrates with discussion and discussion control, sign-in and sign-in control, voting and voting control.


● Chairman unit has the priority function to close all speaking unit.
● Chairman unit has the function to initiate and end attendance sign.
● Chairman unit can initiate 3-key vote (for / abstentions / against), or end the voting.
● 16charactersx2rows display provides the attendance results and voting results show.
● Support English show.
● Capacitive touch buttons, no buttons pressing sound, long operating life of the buttons, waterproof design.
● Support three vote modes:
A) voting: for, abstain from / against.
B) election / survey modes: 1/2/3/4/5.
C) response mode, evaluation methods: --、-、0、+、++.
● Capacitor heart type direction microphone, with double color indicator.
● It could only listen to the original voice channel, no channel selecting function, no loudspeaker.