HD infrared auto-tracking camera

The HD IR auto-tracking camera supports IR localization tracking, which can work with the WiFi63 series products to realize WiFi conference system units’ auto-tracking. It has built-in high definition camera and being integrated with a 18-times zooming optical lens. The level and vertical rotation structure have also been integrated within this product. The 1/2.8’’ HD CMOS image sensor has 2 million effective pixels, which can output up to 1080p @50/60Hz (DVI-D) image. It can be installed onto the ceiling and the desktop, which is a ideal cho.


● Support IR localization auto-tracking: working with the WiFi63 series products to realize WiFi conference system units’ auto-tracking.

● Working with CR-MVC6300HD to realize network control.

● Strong image analyze power under low-light circumstance, especially fit for poor lighting applications.

● Maximally supported resolution: 1920*1080; output frame frequency up to 60/50 Fps, which ensures the image fluidity while remaining high image quality.

● The S/N of the camera can directly affect the image compression encoding effectiveness of the HD video conference system terminal. This product applies both 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithm that’s based on movement estimation, and is integrated with the new generation low-noise sensor from USA to effectively reduce the noise.

● Unique Iridix exposure dynamic control algorism that’s based on human eye’s model has been applied in this camera to bring evenness and a clear sense of layers to the images. The sensor supports WDR, which can clearly capture all objects even under strong light and darkness contrast environment.

● 18 times optic zooming.

● Abundant interfaces: providing DVI interface (including YPbPr, HDMI, and VGA), HD-SDI interfaces.

● IR remote signal pass-through: this camera can also receive user’s video conference system terminal’s IR remote signal, besides its own IR remote signal.