The infrared receiving unit charging box

The charging box of digital infrared receiver can not only be used for charging, also can be used for storing the infrared receiver. Specially designed, when the receiver is stored in a charging box, moving or shaking box will not affect receiver.

Put CR-IR3002A into the charging box, if the indicating lamp of charging seat is red, means CR-IR3002A is charging. If indicator light is green, represents the battery is sufficient or contact is not good.

When charging the charging indicator light is red (more than 8 hours), check the contact of receiver contact piece and the charging seat is good. Full of electric charging indicator light should be green.


Capable of charging 40 receivers.

Universal power supply.

The power input is connected in series.

Fast charging: the longest charging time is 5 hours.

The charging box also has the function of storing receiver.