Modular multimedia controller

NET-4000 is a programmable modular multimedia controller. With the flexible port configuration, the controller can control the amplifier, light and curtain or other acoustic and photoelectric devices with one touch. And its seamless switching function can realize picture segmentation, arbitrary PIP. The interaction of any two points in the local area network can be also easily realized with it. It is widely used in teaching, conference halls and multimedia halls and other occasions.


l Video port: Built-in 4x2+1 mixed card seamless switching matrix, support SDI/DVI/VGA/HDMI/HD BaseT signal, 2 channels can be used for picture segmentation, picture stitching, arbitrary picture-in-picture;

l 4 weak relay ports: Can control the switch of the classroom access electromagnetic lock, the platform cabinet electromagnetic lock, etc;

l Serial ports: 5 bi-directional RS-232 ports and 1 RS-232/485/422 port, to control projector, camera, etc;

l 4 digital I/O ports: for signal detection and cabinet linkage monitoring alarm, electronic lock, etc;

l 2 type-A USB, 1 type-B USB ports: realizing KVM function, switching the mouse and keyboard remotely;

l 1 CR-NET port: to control CREATOR devices such as power controller, volume controller, dimmer, etc;

l 2 weak power output ports: 1 5V, 1 12V;

l Audio input port: 2 audio card slots, built-in audio decoding, support one-button broadcast of the total control room, automatically switch to broadcast output;

l Built-in 6-port 100M switch: realize the integrated management by software, can be connected to IP cameras;

l Memory: 1G DDR-RAM, 1 G flash;





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