Smart Sequencing Power Controller

The CR-SSPC8 is a smart sequencing power controller. It can power on or off various devices one by one in a user-defined order. Reduce the risk of large inrush currents throughout the system. The device supports front panel control and RS232 control, network control, CR-NET and other four ways to control.


● CR-NET, serial port, front panel and network control.
● Provides 1 RS-232 interface, can control by independent PC machine, can realize simultaneous communication control.
● Safe sequenced power on/off operations via the push of a button, providing the highest level of surge & spike protection available.
● Embedded Web Server Control — Schedules outlet activity, event response, and sets status of each channel separately.
● Eight Total Outlets - The CR-SSPC8 contains eight IEC C13 standard outlets, suitable for general cabinet power supply.
● User friendly - Can be controlled by the third control system(through the RS-232, network, CR-NET) and the front panel.
● Voltage Protection - Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) circuity safely powers down itself and connected equipment during unsafe voltage periods.
● Designed for Commercial A/V Installations in 110V-240V regions.
● The front control button is normally locked to prevent misoperation.
● 15 Amp Output Current - 15 amp maximum current capacity with incorporated 15 amp thermal circuit breaker.