HD audio video transmitter

CR-HDMI-PIP receives HDMI signal from PC/DVD/video player and other audio and video devices. Then it encodes and compresses the video signal it received and transmits them to distant touch panels like CR-WiFi G7S or CR-LAN G7S via a traditional retile.


● Supported resolutions: from 800*600 to 1920*1080; Support Vesa HDTV Standards;
● Specialized formats have been used to compress/decompress the video signals to reduce the transmission bandwidth, ensure A/V play fluency, perfectly reproduce the image, and reduce the delay time.
● Support standard network cable transmission: long distance, and strong anti-interference ability;
● This transmitter has a high integration level, compact design, strong compatibility with other devices, and supports Plug-and-Play function, which is very intuitive and convenient.