Power controller

CRPWR-8Ⅲ is 8-way power supply controller, can match with progra-mming controller or PC communication to controll a variety of periphe-ral equipments. As for the control of electric lighting, projection screen, electric curtains, electric power supply electric curtains and projector and other peripherals.

● Provide 1 CR-NET network control interface, CR- POWER8Ⅲ communicate with programmable controller through CR - NET.
● Provides 1 RS-232 interface, can control by independent PC machine,can realize simultaneous communication control on multiple CR-POWER8III.
● The nodes line can go offline, side line and other lines, beautiful and generous.
● DC24V or AC 100-240V two power modes controlled by multimedia system.
● 8 independent node control interface, each with two interface selection of normally open, closed .
● The overall indicates, support POWER power indicator, ID network connection indication, receive data indicator.
● ID CODE can adjust the network ID, and realize CR-NET network communication with programmable control system.
● Built-in optical isolation module, can guarantee the load and the host safety.
● With CR-NET and RS-232 switch button.
● Free control through the touch of a button.