+ CR-WF10

CR-PGM III Programmable Controller+CR-DOCK iPad+CR-WF10 Wireless Access Point is a newly launched Promotion Package


CR-PGMIII Programmable Network Controller is Independent research and development by CREATOR, Featuring the ARM11(667 MHZ, 32-bit) control engine, 256mRAM, 1G Flash Memory.
CR-PGMIII includes three types of networks(CR-NET,CR-LINK,Ethernet) and a variety of control ports: (IR, I/O, RELAY, COM ),With the advanced integration technology, providing high-speed precise centralized control environment, an open programming interface, the user can complete kinds of complex control interface programming.
The CR-PGMIII Controller can be used to form a controlling network by inter-connecting and cascading to realize multi-point inter-control and one-to-multiple points centralized control between different locations.

2. All network devices support to be controlled via Ethernet TCP/IP protocols can be perfectly managed and controlled by the CR-PGMIII.

3. CREATOR Wi-Fi touch panels provide excellent controlling interfaces and experiences for the CR-PGMIII Ethernet Controller.

4. Integrated with iOS devices, such as iPhone & iPad to provide extended controlling interfaces. The patent CREATOR ThinkDraw Software enables you to customize your own interfaces on your iOS devices.

5. The new patent CREATOR Think Control Software Builder Software is a powerful, flexible and easy to use tool with standardized device and function definitions, which brings much easier programming procedures to fulfill more complicated programing requirements.

6. Remote Diagnose and Maintenance Supported: the controller program can be remotely uploaded and downloaded through Ethernet to and from the CR-PGMIII, which allows more convenient installation and maintenance procedures for your projects.

7.Powerful extension functions: 4 integrated extension slots provided on CR-PGMIII: supporting DMX512, sound system control module, D/A Conversion Card, relay module, etc. to enable the easy upgrade of the system and satisfy high-end controlling and automation requirements in both residential and commercial projects.